Railway signaling / Accompanying an increasing mobility :

The railway network is in the process of making a deep change. We can even say that is a complete revival, which relates at the same time on the renewal and the densification of the mesh.

The CSEE Alger integrates this development strategy by anticipating such challenges.

Our services are diversified as follows:


  • Civil engineering
  • Signals
  • Track circuits
  • Switching motors
  • Axle counters
  • Dispatch centers


  • Ns1 frame
  • Mixed frame
  • Cable distribution frame
  • Optical control board
  • Energy cabinet



The telecommunications sector, too, has made remarkable progress. Since the heroic days of horsepower, the telephone and the telegraph have always accompanied the railway network. Today, if information in the broadest sense, is pouring billions of gigabits from the satellites that criss-cross our skies, technological advances (optical fiber and others) allow terrestrial channels to catch up, with competitive costs and increased performances.

The CSEE Alger, by mastering its business is, once again, at the center of the GSM-RAIL digital revolution:

  • Supply and installation of optical fiber
  • Supply and installation of security and management telephony

And this, in addition to services related to:

  • Travel information
  • Ticketing
  • Chronometry


TheCSEE Alger is where its customers need complete solutions for electrical installation (medium and low voltage) on all types of buildings and premises, in compliance with the current standards. Its teams are responsible for assembling and monitoring of temporary or permanent installations.

Low-tension distribution panel, cabled panels/cabinets, the distribution and industrial process

The pre-wired cabinet concentrates the protections and controls of the electrical installation it serves. It is made from the electrical diagram of the customer in accordance with the French and European standards NF-EN 61439. Service Index (SI) from 111 to 333 Ingress Protection rating (IP) from 20 to 65. The Main low-voltage board includes:

  • The general Cut-off and protection up to 120 kA (Icw) according to the lines of boards
  • Distribution of electrical energy up to 6 300 A (Ith)
  • Divisional protection
  • Control of energy consumption and quality
  • Insulation of goods and people up to assigned voltage of 1000 Vac (Ue)

It can also integrate Normal / Backup functions to associate, or replace energy sources in case of failure of some of them. Cable cabinets, on the other hand, group the process they protect:

  • Electric motor process: starter, drive, control, measurement
  • Command process: PLC, measurements, Building management system, etc ...

Energy services offered by CSEE Alger :

  • Sous-tension
  • Medium voltage / Low voltage
  • Generators
TGBT/AGBT tableaux/armoires câblés, la distribution et le processus industriel


The specificity of railway stations calls for a special attention in terms of safety: they integrate different complex or sensitive outdoor and indoor installations such as wharves, passages, buildings, dispatching, storage spaces, wagons and parked locomotives.

With its experience in the railway sector, the CSEE Alger advocates and installs complete and scalable systems that offer optimal security.

Security services offered by CSEE Alger :

  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Anti–intrusion