SARL CSEE Alger' services

The activities of SARL CSEE Alger are mainly oriented towards the design and installation of equipment concerning:
Signaling - Telecommunications - Energy - Security

Currently, the company is developing its activities in crucial domains, such as industrial facilities.

Our offer comes in various services such as: Installation – Assembly – Wiring – Maintenance - Expertises and Consulting.


The rail network is in the process of making a deep change. We can even say of a complete relaunch, which relates at the same time on the renewal and the densification of ...

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The telecommunications sector, too, has made noteworthy progress. Since the heroic days of horsepower, the telephone and ...

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The Sarl CSEE Alger is where its customers need complete solutions for electrical installation (medium and ...

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The specificity of railway stations calls for a special attention in terms of safety: they integrate different complex or sensitive ...

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